Our Grooming Code of Ethics

I, as a professional Dog Groomer in the pet industry, promise to accept my responsibility when caring for all pets.  I shall enhance their beauty through proper grooming skills to help in the creation and style best suited the individual pet and its owner, to continuously educate myself and my patrons in the proper care and welfare of their pets.  I will not discriminate against any person – to set an example of good will and integrity, show affectionate understanding and gentleness to all and always perform my duties in a humane manner.

Professional Service Agreements & Forms

Client Grooming Agreement

We require proof of Current Vaccinations – Most local Vets are able to email this over to us.

Questions we are usually asked about:

Do you require my pet to be vaccinated?

We require all pets to produce proof of rabies vaccines.  We also recommend pets have distemper and bordetella vaccines.

How old does my pet have to be to receive grooming services?

Most puppies and kittens should start being handled by a groomer after their second set of puppy shots.

Do you groom cats?

Our in-house Cat groomer is Jillian.

Can my pet be groomed if they have fleas?

Pets with fleas must receive a capstar pill from their veterinarian :30 minutes prior to their scheduled grooming appointment.  Please inform your professional groomer of the condition prior to arriving.  Extra charges apply.

Do you groom aggressive pets?

We take great precautions in the grooming process for all pets.  When it comes to grooming aggressive pets we take extra special measures such as mussels and safety restraints to ensure the safety for both your pet and our professional groomer.

Do you groom sedated pets?

If your pet requires sedation or anti-anxiety medication, we require notification prior to your visit.  We strongly recommend any sedation services be administered and monitored by your vet.   We do not provide grooming services to any pets that are fully sedated.

Do I need an appointment for a nail trim?

Typically we do not require appointments for trimming nails, but we appreciate a heads up with a quick phone call.

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